Now, you can have a portrait of a loved one cut out of wood.

 What a unique gift for that special someone. Here is how it works.

First you would supply me with a picture you would like done, like the one to the right. Email this to

Note: It would be a good idea to give me an alternate photo, in case the preferred photo is too dark etc.

The photo is scanned into my computer. The original photo is not harmed and would be returned with the portrait

Then the scanned image is manipulated with a graphics program so I can make a pattern from the picture. To the right is the pattern that was created from the image.

The finished pattern is sent to you via e-mail, for your approval.

After your approval, the piece is cut, sanded and a backer board is secured. The finished piece is to the right.

The finished work of art is then framed and sent to you.

You now have a very unique work of art to give to that special someone or to hang in your home.

 Price List:

One subject in an 8"X 10" Frame: $40.00

One subject Matted in an 11"X 14" Frame: $50.00

Each extra subject in a portrait costs $5.00

$5.00 will be taken off each portrait when two of the same portrait is ordered.

I can't put this on a shopping cart yet, so if you would like to order, please use the Order Form and include the picture you would like used to make the pattern.

Custom Portrait

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