My collection of ornaments inspired by movies and TV including Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Studio Ghibli

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Doctor Who - K9
Here's an ornament for Doctor Who fans, the Doctors dog K9. Cut from wood by hand. ..
Doctor Who - Seal of Rassilon
This is an ornament of Rassilon's Seal. Rassilon was the leader of the Time Lord's. A must for any W..
Doctor Who - TARDIS
The most iconic symbol for any Whovian is the TARDIS and you can have the TARDIS on you tree or anyw..
Doctor Who - Weeping Angel
Don't blink! For any Doctor Who fan, this ornament is disturbing. ..
Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy  ..
Harry Potter - Sorting Hat
The sorting hat, from Harry Potter,that sorts you into your house ..
Serenity Symbol
Serenity symbol from the show Firefly. ..
Star Trek - Command
For you Start Trek TOS fans out there, here the command insignia. We also have science and engineeri..
Star Trek - Engineering
Most of the red shirts were in engineering, like Scotty. This is one of three Star Trek TOS insignia..
Star Trek - Science
The group that Spock and McCoy are members of, the blue shirts. We also have command and engineering..
Star Wars - Imperial Symbol
The Imperial symbol from Star Wars ..
Star Wars - Rebels
Are you with the Alliance? Show it with this Rebel logo from Star Wars. ..
Star Wars - Storm Trooper
An inage of the storm trooper in Star Wars. ..
Star Wars - Vader
For all the Star Wars fans. Darth Vader is one of the Star Trek ornaments I make. ..
Studio Ghibli - Calcifer
The fire demon Calcifer. May all your bacon burn. ..