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DC - Batman Ornament
Part of my super hero collection of "geek" ornaments. These ornaments are cut from wood with a scrol..
DC - Green Lantern Logo
Logo of DC Comics' Green Lantern,  ..
DC - Robin Symbol
What's Batman without Robin? Part of my superhero collection ..
DC - Sinestro
Green Lantern's rival Sinestro ..
DC - Superman
DC Comics Superman Logo ..
DC - The Flash
Part of the DC universe, the Flash ..
DC - Wonder Woman
DC Comic's Wonder Woman ..
Doctor Who - TARDIS
The most iconic symbol for any Whovian is the TARDIS and you can have the TARDIS on you tree or anyw..
Harry Potter - Sorting Hat
The sorting hat, from Harry Potter,that sorts you into your house ..
Kingdom Hearts - Heartless
Heartless Symbol from the game Kingdom Hearts ..
Kingdom Hearts - Nobody Symbol
From the very popular video game series, Kingdom Hearts this is the Nobody symbol. ..
Marvel - Deadpool Ornament
Part of my Marvel collection Deadpool is one of my favorites. an Ornament for any occasion. ..
Marvel - Spiderman
Wood ornament representing Marvel's Spiderman ..
Marvel - The Punisher
From the Marvel multiverse, here is The Punisher ..
Skyrim Ornament
Logo of the video game Skyrim. ..