About Us

I have been in business since 1995, starting out by making furniture for American Girl dolls. I then, to expand my inventory, started to create small knick knacks and handcrafted pens. Our next expansion was our scroll saw line including my wood portraits and scrolled ornaments, as well as other miscellaneous items. Anything sold by me, must get passed my worst critic…me before it can be sold.



Plugs for See-More Woodcrafts 


My favorite radio program is the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show. There have been occasions that the guys plugged my business after I sent them some gifts of my work. The clips from the show are below. Give a listen.



In this clip, they talk a little about me and then thank me for the pens I sent them and finish it off with a funny story about one of the members of the show, Eric Zane, not being able to figure out how the pen worked.



The guys got custom portraits from me and Hot Wings, mistakenly, describes how they were made. He thought they were cut by digital machine. In actuality, everything is done by hand. I created the pattern and cut the portraits myself. It’s flattering, though, when people think it had to be done by machine and couldn’t be done by hand.



Free Beer and Hot Wings did a review of my site and products on their radio show. It’s called a Lose-Lose Product review, but it’s actually a chance for them to roast the victim. They had a VERY good time insulting me. It’s a little long at over 9 minutes, but it was quite funny and the review of the portraits was actually pretty good. If you have the time, it’s worth a listen. BTW I have since updated my website.